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Warranty Registration For Air Conditioner and Refrigerator
*Fan do not require warranty registration.

Thank you for purchasing a Mitsubishi Electric product.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Your unit is warrantied against defective materials and manufacturing faults within the period indicated on this Warranty Application or otherwise from time to time announced. The unit must be registered with Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd (the "Company") within 14 days from the date of purchase for the warranty to be effective.

This warranty does not cover any unit damaged by:

1.     Accidents, misuse, tampering, mishandling or Acts of God.

2.     Installation to wrong AC supply voltage or subjected to abnormal supply voltage.

3.     Installation not in accordance with the required specifications.

4.     Usage not in accordance with the Owner's Instruction Manual or not for purposes ordinarily intended.

5.     Normal wear and tear, corrosion, rusting or stains.

This warranty becomes void when:

1.     The serial number is removed, defaced, illegible or altered.

2.     Any alteration or modification is carried out to the unit.

3.     Any unauthorized repairs are carried out to the unit.

4.     The unit is for commercial purpose, rental or on loan to other users.

5.     Routine maintenance servicing where necessary was not carried out.

This warranty does not cover:

1.    Remote controls, cabinets, dust covers, plastic panels, filters, strainers, driers, refrigerant, extruded parts such as knobs, levers, sockets, plugs, and detachable parts or accessories. The definition of detachable parts or accessories will be solely determined by the Company.

2.    Transportation, handling or delivery charges incurred in the delivery, handling and transportation of the unit to and from the Service Centre or any checking or repair location.

3.     Labour, transportation and miscellaneous charges for the replacement of the compressor part. (Only the compressor part will be provided free of charge and must be replaced and recovered by the Company)

4.     Transportation for the checking of mis-operation or mis-installation of units.

5.     Routine/non-routine maintenance servicing and/or cleaning.

6.     Special equipment/scaffoldings/cranes/false ceilings/concealed access to installation location necessary for accessibility or safety requirements.

7.     Use of the unit outside Singapore mainland.

8.     Indirect, consequential, special damage of any nature whatsoever.

Warranty terms and conditions may from time to time amended by the Company without prior notice.

This Warranty is only valid in Singapore

Yes, I agree with the above terms and conditions. I have read your Privacy Policy available at and accept that you may collect, use, disclose, process and retain my personal information in order to provide services to me in accordance with your Privacy Policy.